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Hate-to-Love Stories and Character Growth

V. Joy Palmer
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I've woven a hate-to-love thread into my stories, from botched first impressions to unrequited love to second chances. I love this trope because it is SO MUCH FUN to write! I mean, seriously. Snarky verbal exchanges that would rival (I can only hope) a fighting Luke and Lorelai, could I BE (channeling Chandler Bing here) a bigger fan? However, my favorite aspect of the stabby-stab-to-kissy-kiss trope isn’t the delicious one-liners.

I’m going to pretend y’all gasped from the shock of what I just said.

My favorite part is the way I can see God softening hearts, redeeming lives, and breaking lies that hold hearts captive! I love seeing characters who screw up, who’ve made bad decisions, who put their giant feet in their big mouths, who definitely say the wrong thing once or twice…or a cringeworthy number of times. I love these characters because I am one of these characters in the story God’s writing with my life. His love, forgiveness, and grace covers so much in my life, and I love writing characters that get to experience these things! So when I write this thread into a story, I see SO MUCH character growth!

What are some of your favorite hate-to-love stories? What do you love about this trope? What are some of the ways you see character growth in a story?

Friendship Points and virtual hugs (no touching!) if you mention Cary Grant. Why? Because I firmly believe Cary Grant should be mentioned more often in conversation. For the record, conversations that take place six feet apart...

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