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Ep1. Guest Camille Eide

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Whether you've read Camille's latest book Wings Like a Dove or not her discussion questions are a great place to start thinking more deeply about the world around you.



1. Do you think it’s a good idea to bring divided people together? Do you think it’s possible?

2. Why do people construct invisible walls between themselves and others? Do you think people tend to fear or dislike those who are different than themselves?

3. Have you ever caught yourself making assumptions about an entire group of people? Do you think such assumptions are helpful in building bridges?

4. Is it possible to be “blind” to what is different or “foreign” about others, and to see everyone from every people group as equally valuable?

5. Do you think that more mingling with people from different cultures and ethnicities can help dissolve prejudice? Why, or why not?

6. Is it possible to grow up with a conditioned bias without actually being bigoted or racist? Is it possible that people are conditioned to feel various types of bias?

7. In addition to racial and cultural bias, are there economic, religious, social status, education, or other types of bias?

8. Is there such a thing as unconscious bias? Do you think such bias can be eliminated?

9. How might rumors and propaganda be used as acts of violence?

10.Have you ever heard the phrase “Sundown Towns”?
For those of us prepared to begin with ourselves, what are some practical ways we might battle prejudice and bigotry in our hearts, homes, neighborhoods, and communities?