Today’s Guest is Sarah – S.E. – Clancy

We talk about her upcoming release Victoria Grace the Jerkface, her love of sarcasm, hatred of condiments and how to navigate the difficulties of raising teens in the modern age.  


About Sarah

SE Clancy

 An adrenaline junkie, S.E. Clancy has skydived, worked as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, and raised two daughters with her husband of over 25 years in Northern California. A bit of a sci-fi nerd, geek, and self-proclaimed dork, there isn’t much she won’t try at least once … unless it involves mayonnaise because that stuff is just gross.

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Victoria Grace, the Jerk Face

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Are you a parent of a teen?  If so, what questions trouble you most?  What do you most struggle with and what solutions have you come up with that might be helpful for other parents?

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