Today’s Guest is  Susie Finkbeiner, author of Paint Chips, My Mother’s Chamomile with WhiteFire, The Pearl Spence Series including the books A Cup of Dust, A Trail of Crumbs and A Song of Home and All Manner of Things and the upcoming Stories That Bind Us.

We talk about the themes of human traficing in Paint Chips, how we need to remember to have empathy not just for others but for ourselves and what it might take to fix our broken communities.

About Susie

Susie Finkbeiner

Susie Finkbeiner is a novelist from West Michigan. She is the bestselling author of A Cup of Dust: A Novel of the Dust Bowl (Kregel, 2015), A Trail of Crumbs: A Novel of the Great Depression, and A Song of Home: A Novel of the Swing Era (Kregel, 2017).

Her next two novels will release in 2019 and 2020 with Revell Publishing.

She is also the author of My Mother’s Chamomile (WhiteFire, 2014) and Paint Chips (WhiteFire, 2013).

Susie is a wife, mother of three, and avid reader. She enjoys time with her family, coffee dates with her good friends, and quiet moments to read and write.



Books by Susie

Paint Chips

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My Mother’s Chamomile

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A Cup of Dust


A Trail of Crumbs


A Song of Home


All Manner of Things


Stories That Bind Us


Interesting things from the Interview


To learn more about human trafficking and resources:
A company that supports new life for those escaping human trafficking:
Better Way Designs:
Confessions of a Funeral Director (Caleb Wilde):
The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick:



Call to Action

One of the most powerful weapons we have against the darkness of this world is to pray for the Light to outshine it (John 1:5). We know that in Christ we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) and that no evil is beyond His reach. We are encouraged throughout Scripture to bring our burdens and the concerns of the world directly to God because He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7). I would like to challenge you to spend time in prayer for the end of human trafficking. You can follow the prayer guide provided by World Vision:

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