Today’s Guest is Hannah Currie, author of Heart of a Royal and the sequel Heart of a Princess (releasing Summer 2020).

We talk about why she writes Young Adult fiction and how that genre has had a profound effect on her life, why she, and maybe every female on the planet, loves stories about princesses, and how you should be prepared for God having some differnt in store than you might have expected.

About Hannah

Hannah Currie

Aussie author, Hannah Currie, loves God, family, people (in small numbers, let’s not go crazy here!) and writing. She and her husband live with their three adorable kids in sunny Queensland, where it really is beautiful one day and perfect the next. Except, maybe, during heatwaves. They’re not so fun. She loves to connect with readers at

Books by Hannah

Heart of a Royal

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Heart of a Princess

Coming Summer 2020

To the watching world, Princess Alina has it all – maids to serve her, a kingdom to revere her, a prince to marry her, and a wardrobe filled with enough frills, flounces and shades of pink to rival a flower shop. But behind the smiles and designer clothes, Alina has a secret. She’s barely holding it together. 

After a moment of panic almost ends in tragedy, Alina is sent to a refuge far from the palace to recuperate. Her family claim it’s for her own good but – faced with cows, knife-beaked ducks and far too many of her own insecurities – Alina is pretty sure it will kill her first. And Joha Samson, infuriating man that he is, will laugh as it does. 

Only there’s more to Joha than she realizes, and more to herself too. When the time comes to make a stand, will she find the courage?

Interesting things from the Interview

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(A small note: Heart of a Royal does mention God, just not Jesus directly)

Call to Action

We ask you to consider if there’s a difference between what God wants you to do with your live versus what you think God wants you to do. 

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  1. JK Leonard

    Loved hearing your voice, your story, and your writing process.

    • Hannah Currie

      Thanks Janelle! It was a lot of fun to do 🙂